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Elokim Herbs is a family owned business that offers natural, healthy alternatives to modern medicine. We provide an all natural line of specially formulated herbal products in liquid and capsule form. Also available are topical creams and powder mixes, as well as other natural products from trusted manufacturers.

We also offer the holistic art of Iridology, or eye reading. This is the study of the Iris (colored part of the eye) to determine any nutritional or physical weaknesses or other problems in the body. Our eye readers, Glen and Anthony Gaugler have over 20 years combined experience in Herbology and Iridology.

We believe our company is only worth the quality it can offer. Our research and development team work endlessly to create, improve and adjust our herbal formulas. Using only the finest quality herbs, we create all natural products you can feel good about. Our formulas contain pure, unaltered herbs. Straight from the earth, to the bottle, using only a natural preservative to maintain freshness.

We start with top of the line herbs from a few trusted suppliers. Our herbs come from all over the world, and while some are pricey, we strive to spend as little as possible without sacrificing quality. This keeps the cost to you as low as possible. We believe in order to maintain the pure integrity of the herbs, they must be steeped slowly in distilled water. Not boiled. Our formulas are also monitored closely during the cooking process to ensure that the product you receive is effective, not weak or watered down. You will also find no toxins, carcinogens, chemicals or fillers in our products, whatsoever.

We offer the art of iridology as a free service to our patrons. At the time of your reading, your eye reader will provide suggestions as to the areas of the body or nutrients that need additional support. We are not doctors and by no means can diagnose or cure. We can only suggest health issues that may need addressed and provide you with the necessary herbs, diet and/or information you may need to get well. If you experience healing, it is the work of God and your own body due to proper supplementing from the herbs.

Elokim Herbs strives to bring the best quality herbs and services to help you heal naturally. In a world where modern medicine dictates what's best for you, do what you feel is best for your body. Go back to the basics and heal naturally. Choose something you can feel good about. Choose Elokim Herbs. We're here for your health!

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